About Acupuncture and Oriental medicine

The practice of Oriental Medicine includes not only acupuncture, but also herbal medicine, nutrition, Tui Na (a form of therapeutic massage), and Qi Gong (also known as breathing exercises). All of these methods share an equally long history of development, usage, and effectiveness in the maintenance of health, and the treatment of disease.
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About Dr. Diaz

Dr. Nidia Diaz is a Primary Care Physician specializing in Holistic Healthcare. Over the course of the last decade, Dr. Diaz has worked with scores of non-profit clinical organizations in more than 20 countries, applying first hand the techniques and protocols observed in cross cultural traditional healing. Discover more about Dr. Diaz

What to Expect

My needling technique is very gentle, and I work very closely with my patients to make sure their experiences are comfortable and positive. My approach is always to use the fewest needles possible to achieve therapeutic results. With acupuncture, more needles does not always mean better results, but accurate selection of specific acupuncture points and placement are really the keys giving a excellent treatment. Get the full scope at New Patient Information